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Never worry about your loved one again

Our day centers active approach to care is centered around daily activities, getting into the great outdoors, and being an active member of the community!


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Focus on Growth

Personal Growth is the cornerstone of what we do. Through daily activities and community building, we focus on helping your loved one become and remain an active and important member of the community.


Active Approach


Your loved one will be out and about every day, whether its a hike, a trip to the mall, or bowling there is always something to do to keep active, healthy, and happy!

Staff That Care

We take pride in hiring only the most passionate and caring staff for our team. Your loved one will be in the hands of vetted, trained, and joyful individuals!



Helping Hands Community gives individuals with special needs the tools to thrive in their personal goals and independence. The staff is so nice and go above and beyond for their clients. They offer such a variety of different things and its just one of those place that you know your family member is getting top notch care at a day program like this. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for service for their loved one.


Traveris Boyd

Our family member attends the day program at Helping Hands; the staff is outstanding.

They are caring, informative, and care deeply bout the participants.

The owner has a passion for caring for people as well as doing whatever necessary to help them grow in all areas of life. Thank you all!


Morine Bangle

We partner with the providers you use!


Day in the life at Helping Hands Community

Morning pick up at your front door

Start off the day with arts & crafts or a hike!

Time to eat!

Lunch is served daily at 11:30

After lunch its time for a hike, active game time, or maybe a trip to the mall.

Time to head home

Most of our community is

home by 2:30.


We can't wait for your family to become part of ours!

  • What age range do you work best with?
    We love to be active so typically the folks that enjoy our day center the most are on the younger side around 20-45 years old.
  • Do you provide care for those in wheel chairs?
    We do not typically provide care for those in wheel chairs, but we can refer you to great day centers that do!

Frequently Asked Questions

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